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2A [2A. Interpretation of certain words and expressions
3 3. Definitions of company, existing company, private company and public company
4 4. Meaning of holding company and subsidiary
4A [4A. Public financial institutions
5 [5. Meaning of officer who is in default
6 [6. Meaning of relative
7 7. Interpretation of "person in accordance with whose directions or instructions directors are accustomed to act"
8 8. Power of Central Government to declare an establishment not to be a branch office
9 9. Act to override memorandum, articles, etc
10 10. Jurisdiction of Courts
10A [10A. Constitution of Tribunal
10B [10B. Procedure of Tribunal
10C [10C. Powers of Tribunal
10D [10D. Appeals against decisions, etc., of the Tribunal
10E 10E. Constitution of Board of Company Law Administration
10F [10F. Appeals against the orders of the Company Law Board
10FA [10FA. Dissolution of Company Law Board
10FB 10FB. Constitution of National Company Law Tribunal
10FD 10FD. Qualifications for appointment of President and Members
10FE 10FE. Term of office of President and Members
10FF 10FF. Financial and administrative powers of Member administration
10FG 10FG. Salary, allowances and other terms and conditions of service of President and other members
10FH 10FH. Vacancy in Tribunal
10FI 10FI. Resignation of President and Member
10FJ 10FJ. Removal and suspension of President or Member
10FK 10FK. Officers and employees of Tribunal
10FL 10FL. Benches of Tribunal
10FM 10FM. Order of Tribunal
10FN 10FN. Power to review
10FO 10FO. Delegation of powers
10FP 10FP. Power to seek assistance of Chief Metropolitan Magistrate and District Magistrate
10FQ 10FQ. Appeal from order of Tribunal
10FR 10FR. Constitution of Appellate Tribunal
10FS 10FS. Vacancy in Appellate Tribunal, etc
10FT 10FT. Term of office of Chairperson and Members
10FU 10FU. Resignation of Chairperson and Members
10FV 10FV. Removal and suspension of Chairperson and Members of Appellate Tribunal
10FW 10FW. Salary, allowances and other terms and conditions of service of Chairperson and Members
10FX 10FX. Selection Committee
10FY 10FY. Chairperson, etc., to be public servants
10FZ 10FZ. Protection of action taken in good faith
10FZA 10FZA. Procedure and powers of Tribunal and Appellate Tribunal
10G 10G. Power to punish for contempt
10GA 10GA. Staff of Appellate Tribunal
10GB 10GB. Civil court not to have jurisdiction
10GC 10GC. Vacancy in Tribunal or Appellate Tribunal not to invalidate acts or proceedings
10GD 10GD. Right to legal representation
10GE 10GE. Limitation
10GF 10GF. Appeal to Supreme Court
11 11. Prohibition of associations and partnerships exceeding certain number